Saturday, May 27, 2017


2017 Unmasking a Cure (UAC) Medieval Faire for Relay for Life
May 19 to June 18 2017

A man is walking down the path that I am taking he tells me his name is Caleb and he would guide me to safety and to follow him so I did. 

GS Yorik Mesh RangerCoat Burgundy  also comes with leather mesh boots

After following Caleb down a very muddy pathway we came across to a very handsome man was standing by the side of the road as we passed he  introduced himself as Gavin nothing more. His eyes were piercing blue. I could see his was well dressed for a Huntsman. I thought he must have purchased it from Folklorica as well. I had no choice but let him accompany me during some of my  journey. As being a stranger from another era I tried to make small talk but not to reveal my identity. He has mentioned that he owned a bold and black horse named Cole. He said Cole was strong and hardheaded just as he was. He stated he had been waiting for me.  He handed me a cloth to open. Inside was a lovely dress made by HHVET called Victoriana in purple. Also included was a beautiful necklace by Captivating in Amethyst and Silver. I said "What will I be needing these for"? Gavin stated for attending a ball I am going to. So I put it on to model he said he would find me later and vanished. So I changed back into what I had on and put the dress and necklace with the others. I also had received a Peaceful Harvest necklace from HHVET. This night was going to be interesting for sure.

Folklorica Huntsman in Navy
comes in mesh. The hood jacket can be worn or not (see pics)

 Dress is HHVET Victoriana - Victory Gown Relay for Life (RFL) exclusive in mesh

Captivating! necklace, earrings in Amethyst and Silver mesh